Full Measure Student Experiences

Mobile experiences made for the moments that matter most. Strategies delivered at scale by a powerful communication platform.

Digital Viewbook

Personalized college exploration on your terms

Virtual Campus Tours

Tailored campus tours, just your style

Campus tours from every direction

Highlight what makes each campus unique through accessible, engaging, and personalized tours. On or off-Campus

“Being able to highlight what makes each of our campuses unique has been invaluable. The Campus Visit Experience enables us to create unlimited tours and stops, making it an affordable and effective way to engage prospective students, share important information, and drive applications.”

Casey ThomasAssociate Director of Digital Engagement and Public Relations for Admission Services at ASU

Mobile Acceptance Letters

The moment of acceptance will never escape you

Energizing the moment of acceptance in the age of mobility.

Maximize admissions with a mobile-first approach to acceptance letters that engages students, saves money, and drives enrollment.

“Using the Accepted Student Experience helps us save money and be more lean moving forward. We were previously spending more than sixty thousand dollars printing and sending information packets which were really nice but it was hard to measure the return of those efforts.”

Jordan StevensonDirector of Student Recruitment, Kennesaw State University

Full Measure's experiences are brought together by a mobile first administrator platform.

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