Full Measure SaaS Platform

Control message delivery, content creation, and campus tours all in one place with actionable analytics.

About Full Measure

The Full Measure Mobile Engagement Platform is used by thousands of users at colleges & universities to deliver mobile-first communications to students throughout their journey. From a prospective student’s first expression of interest through graduation, institutions typically rely on traditional methods of communication (phone, email, paper mailings) to engage with and notify students. Full Measure sees that mobility plays an important role in redefining the student experience and improving student outcomes. We are dedicated to bringing personalized messaging and content experiences to institutions.
Full Measure Education has invested years into building a platform that brings the student enrollment cycle into the digital age, blending mobile messaging channels with rich, personalized content experiences designed to:​​​​​​​

• Amplify the moment
• Provide support and access to all students
• Measure, track, and share successes
• Navigate college campuses through rich experiences and augmented reality

Today, Full Measure offers a full suite of mobile-first experiences to guide and celebrate students as they progress through the student lifecycle – from initial inquiry and admission to retention, student support services, graduation, campus tours, and beyond.

The Challenge

  • Design a mobile first platform that allows institutions to quickly deploy personalized content via SMS.
  • Develop communication campaigns that maximize engagement.
  • Design a flexible system built with the ionic framework to be flexible enough for today and into the future.

User Research & System Architecture

Higher education never saw us coming

One fact remains true: In our modern age, mobility is key.

Sketching, gathering user feedback and design exploration.

The user experience was improved by considering both internal and external users during testing and design iteration. The team was small, so utilizing a strong component library enabled us to quickly transform sketches into high-fidelity mockups, resulting in faster feedback gathering and better handoffs to the development team. The entire system; student user facing and administrator facing was designed to be mobile first and fully responsive for a simple experience on desktop or mobile.

Building a component library and system of patterns to move quickly, efficiently and consistently.

Content Creation

Build content by stacking blocks

Designed for your desk or on the go.

Message Delivery

Connect the message to the medium and back again

Set it and forget it.

Easily build personalized communication campaigns that maximize engagement and increase brand awareness, all powered by data you control.

Step 1

Student enters audience & receives personal SMS message.

Step 2

Student opens and views content. Engages with content.

Step 3

Student receives relevant content based on previous interactions